Field Notes, solo exhibition at c3 Contemporary Art Space

Exhibited at C3 Gallery, Abbotsford 2013.

Field Notes: def. observational notes of a specific phenomenon
This series of photographs represents my visual field notes on the subject of collecting, cataloguing, grouping and pattern recognition. The human brain has evolved to see patterns or meaningful connections in random or meaning- less data: to look for patterns and assign meaning, even when none exist.

These photographs are an example of my own brains pattern recognition. They are not specific to a town, state or country. Much like a collector who gathers objects that have little value to anyone but themselves, the objects gather value once they become a piece of the whole.

Three Thousand review 31/1/12 by Nathania Gilson:

If you’re the kind of person who has a tendency towards sentimentality and have been (wrongfully) accused of being a hoarder at least once in your life, chances are you’d probably find a comforting like-mindedness in the photographic world of Lauren Bamford.

Whilst Lauren’s previous work, I Hope You Choke and Neither Excluded Nor Included focused on specific subjects, her newest exhibit Field Notes is an honest attempt at capturing the elusive in-between-ness that exists within all of our humble mind palaces.

A distinctly incidental approach is used throughout the series to collect fragments of memories like souvenirs. Much like a meticulous archeologist of all that subliminal debris floating around inside your skull, Lauren uses these images to attempt asking questions like why we collect things (both on purpose and by accident) and how we create meaning out of the stuff we somehow refuse to get rid of. These particular observations shrug off anything matter-of-fact in favour of giving her own, and inevitably our own, subconscious a meaningful poke.

Whether you choose to poke back is entirely up to you.