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Still life exhibition

Exhibition, Still Life

Colour toned, silver gelatin prints. Editions 1/1

Calamine; a photographic exploration of technique and patience.

Calamine is a collection of photographic prints by Lauren Bamford and Stephanie Stamatis. This series of studio still life experiments marries the artist’s photography and styling practices, exploring lighting techniques, form, composition and patience.

Referencing the work of Florence Henri, an underrated female photographer from the 1930’s, Lauren and Stephanie have sought to create images via processes which are a departure from their own comfort zones; and the antithesis of the thousands of ‘perfect’ images created every day for the commercial world.

The works are composed of objects selected for their aesthetic and sentiment, hand printed in the darkroom to produce an edition of 1/1 and then colour toned by hand to create another layer of unique character. Each print in Calamine is purposefully inimitable and a pure celebration of imperfection.

Exhibited at Lamington Drive Gallery, Collingwood. September 2016